Write a short story

Write a short story based on facts about life in early Hobart.  Record yourself reading it onto a video.  You may work with a partner.




Debate the pros and cons for maintaining historical buildings in Hobart.  This task will be done in a group of 4, 2 people arguing for keeping historical buildings and 2 against.  You may record your arguments.  The class will decide which side created a stronger argument.


Create a Journal

search-1Create a sequence of at least 3 journal entries.  Pretend you are a young woman or man living in Hobart in the early 1900’s.  Describe what your life was like during this time.  What were the hardships and what were the joys?  You might add photographs to demonstrate your point.  Brainstorm your ideas with a partner.

Act out a historical event

The Tasmanian Tiger and other wildlife is an important  part of Hobart’s history.   Here is footage of the Tasmanian Tiger which is now extinct.

Act out an important event from Hobart’s history.  You may use a narrator and film it to present to the class.  The topic is your choice.  Work in groups of 3 or 4.